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Main menu
Home main > Home
Live visualization of the traces
Info main > Info
Summary of the Suricat data
Help main > Help
Short description of the menus
System main > System
Access to the system menu. Username and password are required

System menu
Download main > System > Download
Download the traces
Channel main System > Channel
Change the sampling rate
GPS main > System > GPS
Switch on - off the GPS (only for the enabled devices)
Wifi main > System > Wifi
Switch on - off the wifi (only for the enabled devices)
Time main > System > Time
Set the time on Suricat (from GPS or NTP)
Advanced main > System > Advanced
Access to the advanced menu
Logout main > System > Logout
Close the session

Advanced menu
Label main > System > Advanced > Label
Modify the label names
Wifi main > System > Advanced > Wifi
Switch on - off, settings or scan the wifi (only for the enabled devices)
Host main > System > Advanced > Host
Select automatic or Static Host
Calibration main > System > Advanced > Calibration
Calibrate the accelerometers inside Suricat
Server main > System > Advanced > Server
Set the server
Account main > System > Advanced > Account
Change the password to enter the system menu
Upload main > System > Advanced > Upload
Upload the device updates
Logout main > System > Advanced > Logout
Close the session